Things just don’t happen the way you carefully plan it.

At 11am later will be my first job interview after quitting my first job last 2 years ago at the hopes of clearing my schedule for the Red Horse Muziklaban Championship. It just so happen that Muziklaban ain’t on the cards for us.

So I tried, and luckily I have an ever supportive partner and family, to pursue my long time dream… to have my own fashion botique. It did work out! Started small and eventually I get to go places, I meet with new people, and everything is alright. But we can never escape circumstances, can we? The business is good and I am totally enjoying every second of it! It’s just that the competition is so BIG and I’m just a smol wittle ewika trying to figure my way up. Y’know?

I was broken hearted. I feel like I’m abandoning what I’ve somehow worked so hard to establish.

I gave it some thoughts and realize that a little detour from what you originally planned out won’t hurt the success you are eagerly pursuing. THAT DREAM AND GOAL JUST πŸ‘ DON’T πŸ‘ CHANGE!!!

Maybe this detour will educate you more. Maybe this detour is where you will meet the right people that will help you nurture you dreams. Who knows maybe this detour will put you on a great timing once you go back on track. Who knows??? DIBA???

That’s why we should always be ready, with a grin on our cherubic faces πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡, from any changes, from any detours we may encounter, because things JUST don’t happen the way you carefully plan it.



They say that insecurity can eat you alive. Not unless you are the boss of it and not it being the boss of you, I say!

I haven’t posted a blog in a while because I wasn’t sure what to write about when things aren’t going smoothly and is not the way I plan it to be. First, closing our shop in Quiapo and opening a new one in Alabang and everything was wonderful and I have this positive feeling about it like I always do in everything and it still ended up bad. Then we had this bazaar that was coming up and it had me full of hopes thinking “this is it! Makakabawi kami dito. I can feel it. I also can imagine it!” But ended up as a BIG DISASTER! 😨 “Oh how bad can it be, Erika?” It was so bad that it’s the first time I had to sleep in the streets. The first time also that I am so darn tired and sleepy that I woke up with my hair dripping wet and I was shivering because of the rain. That bad!

My cousin asked me, “Teh, hindi ka ba napapagod?” “Saan?” I asked not letting that single string of lakas ng loob be cut off. “Sa ganitong work mo.” And I can feel that stinging pain in my heart it cuts.

I have this dream to have my own botique and to be a successful business woman someday. I am also aware that these big steps and risks that I’m taking come along side to side with hardship and pain. But I never expected it to deteriorate my self confidence.

I work so hard and I grab every opportunity that comes my way but it never seemed enough.

I started crying whenever I’m alone. I am always caught up in my fears that sometimes I feel like drowning in it. I am ashamed of myself and I feel like I’m not doing good enough. I started to compare myself…

You see, I was jealous of the people who can be better at something because someone had already started it for them.

I became hopeless.

I became insecure.

But you know what I’ve learned from this experience??? It is that life is a challenge but never a competition.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

NEVER a competition. A lot of times in our life we look up to someone and say “I will be that successful someday!” without realizing that the pressure of trying to achieve their achievements comes out of control and instead of making that person your inspiration… They become your insecurity. We feel this because we think that they didn’t go through any hardship similar to what we go through. Or maybe we know those hardship they went through but we cannot fathom how the hell did they go through it?! Like, I’m over here experiencing these and I cannot help but be a cry baby!!! You picture what I’m trying to say here???

I then realized that I had two options: 1.) To stay insecure and be bitter of other people’s strength. Or 2.) To think of what I can do to go on forward and wait for that next opportunity and never to give up on my dreams. ‘Fcourse I chose the latter.

It isn’t easy. You will sulk and mope. I sulked and moped. You will try hard to dig in deep into your guts just to make you think positively but will end up thinking you will be a failure. I did that too! I am not saying that I am in my ultimatum of success but I’m ready and fighting again to what I love the most. And if you ever cross this kind of situation in your life just go back to this blog and remember that you are the boss of your insecurity!

Making New Friends is Good for the Soul

Last November 18 we were invited to a friend’s wedding in Cabanatuan, and we already planned out our itinerary for the whole weekend after the wedding but little did we know that we’ll be joining another group of friends in that trip.2017-11-21 09.26.07 1.jpg

We were complete strangers all together in one apartment. And it feels so awkward to walk out of the room with people you barely even know and go on with whatever business you have to do.

Old and long term friends are for keeps, but making new friends is good for the soul! Here is a list of why I think having new friends is good for our soul.



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In our daily lives, we have this unbreakable routine of going to the office, working, getting tired, getting a spare of me-time, and a little bit of rest, and then doing it all over again the next day. That is such a toxic and a little bit depressing overtime. Bleckh! Going out and meeting someone new is like a clean slate. It’s like breaking the rules and it’s so refreshing! Just a little bit awkward the first time, but give it some time and it’ll be fun.



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Our second night in that apartment in Cabanatuan, after having a little bit of beer in our bellies, we got to tell stories about ourselves and learned about each other person’s experiences. And I think that hearing different stories from different people having different point of views is the best way to learn in life.



Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Mingling with people whom you have no idea of who they really are is kind of a challenge on how and when will you react or adjust depending on what attitude they show you. It’s like, life is putting you in a test but in this test there’s no need for a pen and a paper.



Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

The feeling of nobody understands you or nobody else in this world gets the feeling of being in a situation like you is such a burden until you meet these strangers in your life that open up their mind and heart just like they’re reading your own. Come to think of it, billions of people around the world, and yet we really aren’t totally unique. We then realize after meeting new people with the same mindset or experience as we have that we aren’t alone after all.


Last but not the least,

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

I’m just so amazed in my experience last weekend. πŸ˜‚ The first day we met each other, we were so timid in saying “Hey” or “Hi” but when the days passed by we became concerned with each other and we had so much fun in each other’s company that we are already planning out our next trip.


So, the next time you go out on an adventure do not hesitate or do not be afraid to make acquaintances because sooner or later you’ll be making new friends. And that is good for the soul. πŸ˜‹

Feel free to share your experiences on having new friends and how did it help you become a better person on the comment section below. πŸ’•

Hello lovely unicorns and welcome back to my blogsite! It’s been a solid month and I haven’t written until now. Well, I’ve a lot to do and I haven’t really thought about what to write next.

So a quick update: I’ve been invited to guest in Net25’s segment show, Taumbahay, last Monday, July 31 for a quick talk about mix and matching clothes. And coincidentally (or it’s just the Universe answering to all my prayers hehe) our band, MAY, was also privileged to play on their other segment show, Letters and Music (will be aired next week).Β IMG_1838

Ever since in my college days my classmates would always tell me that I act so natural even in a nerve wrecking moment. And this kind of moment is one of those situations. It’s such a pressure to go live on a national TV. All cameras are pointing at you, the bright lights that make you produce sweat, and the aircondition that makes your hands cold as ice!Β IMG_1866

I may look serene and all gathered up but deep inside I’m trying to calm my excited heart (good thing I don’t drink too much coffee cause it’d be so hard to control a caffeinated heart πŸ˜‚).

How do I do it?

1.) Before the scheduled date of taping/show, I gather all the information about the show. What are we discussing? What are the scopes of the discussion? Who are our viewers?IMG_1909

2.) I do research about the topic. Ask for opinions of others, and read more about the topic.

3.) I practice and imagine, rehearsing all the questions given to me on my head and imagining ahead the situation.IMG_1908

4.) Stop being concious. It’s not wrong to state your opinion. The trick is to say “on my own opinion/in my point of view” to avoid confusion with viewers that you aren’t stating a fact. Alam mo naman, yung ibang mga viewers they know it all. Charaught! 😁IMG_1845

5.) My professor once told us to “fake it until you become it”. Pretend you are not nervous and after a few minutes it will miraculously disappear.IMG_1820

6.) Always go for the natural you. πŸ’•

7.) Please know that you are SWAG *Kim Bok Joo face*! 😎 So be confident, girl!IMG_1890

8.) Lastly, trust the people who believe and support you. 😍

These tips are actually not limited to TV/Radio guestings but also effective in school and office presentations, or other discussion exposures.

Link: ( The video for Taumbahay haven’t been uploaded yet. Will update it again once it’s done. 😚)

Thank you again, Taumbahay team for having me! Next time ulit.


My mom knows this too well that I am such a gastador. I buy this and that. If it’s kawaii I wanna buy it even if I don’t need it.

This blog is to remind myself and everybody else like me that we need to save up money! Here it goes.



This way you can monitor your expenses and how much money do you earn. Are you saving up money or spending too much?? Plan it ahead of time so you won’t be an impulsive buyer.



Unless you need it so badly, don’t be fooled by enormous tarpoulines indicating a 50% sale. Re route yourself from temptations! Because they only say you will save up to 50% but really you are not saving up, you are spending the other 50%!


3.Β IMG_1454-01

When you buy things you don’t need, it always end up being a clutter in the room. So do yourself a favor and stop buying what is not needed and save time on cleaning up clutters. πŸ˜‰

Ask this question when you are itching on spending money:


If your answers are both yes, then by all means, buy it. And you need to answer truthfully. 😝 All the heavens are watching!


4.Β StickItImage_1498970180271-02

Let us take a moment of silence please for my editing skillzzz.

So, I asked my boyfriend what should I add on my list of tips, and he said that I should wear blinders . πŸ˜• That way I would walk straight ahead and stop making side trips.


5.Β IMG_20170702_110542

Set a certain goal that makes you excited about saving up. It can be a thing or it can be your #lifegoals, #travel, #newcar, #newhouse. Print it out and put it beside your work table or wallet so it inspires you everyday.


6. And lastly,Β IMG_1405-01

Everytime you reach a goal, reward yourself. No guilt feeling on spending because you worked hard for it! You deserve it! πŸ˜‰

So here are my own tips on saving up money! 😊 I hope it helps you and I hope you liked it because I put on so much effort on my dope editing skillz. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

PS. Never deprive yourself from eating just to save money. Okay? Health is wealth! πŸ’•


Last week I was referred by my friend, Daniel Natividad, to guest on PTV channel 4’s segment Bagong Pilipinas #FAB (Fashion and Beauty). This segment is basically about fashion and whatnot. Today’s feature is about making crafts and selling it. (Link to the segment at the end of the blog.)

I started being interested in business when I was in college. Me and my friends started an online shop named “We Find You Buy” and the title is what it is. We would find clothes from the thrift shop and post it for sale on our page. But it didn’t last for long. So I started another one in selling accessories with my cousin. We would sell customized chokers and other trinkets in her school and my school. But then we both got busy in school and we’re too far from each other so it did not worked as well.

FB_IMG_1498229854807Mikka and I first bazaar in her school

After I graduated in 2015, I immediately got hired from my past internship. So I focused in my work and put my business career aside. I wasn’t happy. I am grateful for the job, of course, but I wasn’t happy. 😞 I remember going to work every morning unmotivated. I have no idea what I was doing. I even cried in the shower once during one of our events. So then a year later I quit. I continued in making trinkets and posting them online. It wasn’t much to cover my expenses. Luckily my partner’s mom encouraged me to pursue my business career and helped me in starting one. It wasn’t easy at first. But nothing worth it comes easy, right?

The two things I am really interested in, mix and matching clothes and business, I couldn’t be happier! πŸ˜€

IMG_1015People’s Television Studio with Miss Karla Paderna

I remember one of my supplier gave me an advice that I should have something to balance out my merchandise. So, I kept on making trinkets.


This feature on PTV channel 4 is such a blessing to me because I want to inspire others too. That we should never give up on what we love the most. If you work hard enough for it, heaven knows that it is FOR YOU! That’s my motto. πŸ˜‰

quotes for blog

So if there’s something that makes you happy and you love to do it, go for it! It might be scary and risky at first but it will all be worth it. Trust me.Β πŸ’—

Link to PTV: Bagong Pilipinas #FAB: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1563147973757014&id=429466183791871

Link to my Moneywise TV interview last May: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=330083100742020&id=263830630700601

My first love β€

I remember when I was younger
I used to “kutkot kili” you to sleep.
It’s when I play with the hair of your armpit
As I fall asleep beside you.

I remember when you worked as a lights man before.
You go to work when it’s still dark and go home when the sun is rising.
I would hug your pillow and miss you so much!
It made me cry. 😭

I remember every morning you wake me up for school.
You would call me a lot of nicknames until I get up.
7 eleven’s BIG Bite on the breakfast table for me and kuya.
And then you would walk me to school.

I remember how every lunch time you would bring my baon to school.
My favorite is the longganisa you always bring me.
And it makes me sad to remember when I dont eat my baon because I don’t like the ulam. 😞
I’m sorry!

I remember when the skateshoes were a big trend in my school and I wanted to get one too.
But you and mama said it’s too dangerous but I wanted it anyways so I threw tantrums and skipped lunch because I wanted it so bad!
One day, mama and I picked you up from work in cubao… We ended up buying the skateshoes.

I remember on my 9th birthday, you picked me up from school and I was expecting some surprise but there wasn’t.
I think we were on budget then but I didn’t understand so I threw some more tantrums and cried myself to sleep.
When I woke up there was a present waiting for me.
It was the lion slippers I’ve wanted so much! And donuts too! πŸ˜€

I remember when you cook spaghetti and I eat so much!
It’s my favorite!
And your Adobo, Beef Steak, Paa ng Manok, Sinigang na Baboy.
You are the greatest cook, papa! πŸ˜‹

I remember you always served me lugaw everytime I go home from school.
With egg and puso!
Then I would crush some Fita biscuits into it.
The best meryenda ever!

And now, I stop and always remember that you, Papa Nonoy, is my first love. πŸ’–
You have loved me with all your heart and I love you too with all my heart!
Thank you for everything you and Mama Love have sacrificed and done for me. I could not ask for more. You are my inspiration in working hard and getting to my dreams. You are my guardian angel and my hero! I pray that God would give you longer life so you can enjoy it more. Happy father’s day to my one only Papa. πŸ’•

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Silly photo of you πŸ˜‚ | Davao 2016

FB_IMG_1497293554779Lechon King! | Christmas 2015


Preacher. | V. Mapa Church 2014


Oops! πŸ˜‚ Broken front teeth | Driving to Dapitan 2016


My beautiful parents πŸ’• | Ate Ela’s Wedding 2017

Erika the Bazaarista

It’s been a year and a half since I started with my clothing and accessories business and I want to share with you my experiences and maybe this post may pique your interest in opening up your own.

Here are some simple tips that may help you out:

1. Make your booth look inviting.


Make people believe in love at first sight. When your room/booth looks inviting from the outside, naturally, people will try to take a look inside it. That’s one way to reelΒ in customers. Try to use uniform hangers and use backgrounds. Don’t forget to put on lights so your merchandise can shine bright like diamonds!

2. Make room for people.

Of course if you want people to come inside and take a look at your merchandise they will be needing enough room in your booth. Always have a stock room. It can be under your table or you can bring plastic containers so can stack everything inside it and make more room for buyers.

3. Always smile and be approachable.


You would gain not only customers but also friends. There are buyers that are super nice and believe me when I say you will also experience rude andΒ barat customers. But never let the smile fade. It enlightens the mood of your booth and you as well.

4. Starter pack for bazaaristas


A handy-dandy notebook! It’s very important that you can track down your sales and your expenses. So you can easily find out if you are missing a sale or you’ve had too much eating. Oops!


Bag.Β Para sa kaban ng shop!Β Do not leave your valuable things unattended. My partner lost his phone once because he left it on a table inside our shop. Even if you rented out your space/booth/room, different people come in and out of it. Better safe than sorry. So your cash, gadgets, and anything important should always be next to your body.


Change. And A LOT of them! Many times I would run from my booth to another to the next just because I don’t have enough change. It’s very tiring, I tell you, so stack that change as much as possible. Also some customers don’t like to wait. So lock that sale up by being prompt in giving change.


Girl. You need this! I know you need this and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. HAHA! A Calculator. Sometimes, Math isn’t that friendly at all!

5. Be proud of your merch.


Give yourself a clothing allowance. It is easier for the customers to make up their mind once they see how and what it looks like when a clothing is worn. And also it’s a gift for yourself too… You worked so hard you deserve it! β™₯

Last but not the least,

6. Have someone.

Sometimes, an event take soooo loooonnnggg and it’s always nice to have a helping hand. Someone you can chitchat with and laugh the stress out with. Or someone to eat with. It can be your friend, or someone on the next booth. Mine is this one β™₯


Photos were taken in La Salle University UnivWeek2017.

Goblin and His Bride. ❀ My first K-Drama.

A friend of mine suddenly approached me one morning insisting that I have to watch Goblin, a Koreanobela that is currently airing on ABSCBN. Luckily, she has all 16 episodes in her phone ready to be “Share it”ed.

I know so well that I might get addicted to it so I tried to avoid it but it just cannot be avoided πŸ˜‚

The story goes something like this:


Kim Shin was a great general of his time but their king has a jealous and selfish adviser and thinks like an evil! He advised the king to accuse Kim Shin of treason because every victorious battle Kim Shin is becoming more popular than the king and the adviser didn’t want that. So he was put to death by that sword given to him by the king himself to fight the war. In the afterlife the Divinity gave Kim Shin a blessing of having an immortal life and curse for never forgetting the deaths of everyone he loves. He became Goblin and the protector of souls. To end the curse the sword in his chest must be removed then he would now turn to ashes and rest in peace. But the only person to do that is his bride, The Goblin’s bride.Β goblin1-00439.jpg

For 900 years he’s been searching desperately for his bride. One night he saved a dying pregnant woman from a car accident and the child she was bearing, Ji Eun Tak, was his bride.

Eventually, when Ji Eun Tak was old enough, Kim Shin and she met. And discovered that Ji Eun Tak can summon the goblin by blowing out fire.


Naturally the two fell in love with each other.


“If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with” -Ji Eun Tak


“Mass is not proportional to volume. A girl as small as a violet. A girl who moves like a flower petal is pulling me towards her with more force than her mass. My heart keeps on bouncing between the sky and the ground. It was my first love.” – GoblinΒ 

But the thing is, Ji Eun Tak has no idea what the Goblin’s fate is if she pulled the sword out of his chest.


“You are my life and my death. And I like you. Thus, I keep this secret and ask the Heaven for permission. May you not know for one more day. May you not know for one hundred years more.” -Goblin

The saddest part is Ji Eun Tak is also facing death in her life because she was classified a missing soul because she was supposed to be dead in her mother’s womb a long time ago.


If Ji Eun Tak doesn’t pull out the sword and she die, the Goblin will continue in his immortal life living through the death of all his loved ones but if Ji Eun Tak pull out the Goblin’s sword there is no chance she would see him again.

Such a sad story! But it’s worth watching. It got me buying a shirt of Gong Yoo. Haha! This wouldn’t be my last K-Drama for sure! To more K-Dramas!!! 😁

2017-06-06 03.03.50 1.jpg
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Have a peice of my mind.

I will start a blog page. It will be filled with my thoughts and experiences in life. I’m not very good in putting words together but I will write because I want to keep this as something like a diary. Something I can read again in the future.

I wonder.

What does the future have in store for me? Will I be the person I forever dreamed about? Or will I be someone else? Come to think of it, I am 23 now, and when I look back years from now, it feels like everything else happened in fast forward.

I will do my best to write everything that’s on my mind, everything I’ve experienced, so I can look back at it 10 or 15 years later and see how far life has taken me.

Here’s to an amazing life! ❀

Wine-drunk Erika.