Hello lovely unicorns and welcome back to my blogsite! It’s been a solid month and I haven’t written until now. Well, I’ve a lot to do and I haven’t really thought about what to write next.

So a quick update: I’ve been invited to guest in Net25’s segment show, Taumbahay, last Monday, July 31 for a quick talk about mix and matching clothes. And coincidentally (or it’s just the Universe answering to all my prayers hehe) our band, MAY, was also privileged to play on their other segment show, Letters and Music (will be aired next week). IMG_1838

Ever since in my college days my classmates would always tell me that I act so natural even in a nerve wrecking moment. And this kind of moment is one of those situations. It’s such a pressure to go live on a national TV. All cameras are pointing at you, the bright lights that make you produce sweat, and the aircondition that makes your hands cold as ice! IMG_1866

I may look serene and all gathered up but deep inside I’m trying to calm my excited heart (good thing I don’t drink too much coffee cause it’d be so hard to control a caffeinated heart 😂).

How do I do it?

1.) Before the scheduled date of taping/show, I gather all the information about the show. What are we discussing? What are the scopes of the discussion? Who are our viewers?IMG_1909

2.) I do research about the topic. Ask for opinions of others, and read more about the topic.

3.) I practice and imagine, rehearsing all the questions given to me on my head and imagining ahead the situation.IMG_1908

4.) Stop being concious. It’s not wrong to state your opinion. The trick is to say “on my own opinion/in my point of view” to avoid confusion with viewers that you aren’t stating a fact. Alam mo naman, yung ibang mga viewers they know it all. Charaught! 😁IMG_1845

5.) My professor once told us to “fake it until you become it”. Pretend you are not nervous and after a few minutes it will miraculously disappear.IMG_1820

6.) Always go for the natural you. 💕

7.) Please know that you are SWAG *Kim Bok Joo face*! 😎 So be confident, girl!IMG_1890

8.) Lastly, trust the people who believe and support you. 😍

These tips are actually not limited to TV/Radio guestings but also effective in school and office presentations, or other discussion exposures.

Link: ( The video for Taumbahay haven’t been uploaded yet. Will update it again once it’s done. 😚)

Thank you again, Taumbahay team for having me! Next time ulit.



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