Last week I was referred by my friend, Daniel Natividad, to guest on PTV channel 4’s segment Bagong Pilipinas #FAB (Fashion and Beauty). This segment is basically about fashion and whatnot. Today’s feature is about making crafts and selling it. (Link to the segment at the end of the blog.)

I started being interested in business when I was in college. Me and my friends started an online shop named “We Find You Buy” and the title is what it is. We would find clothes from the thrift shop and post it for sale on our page. But it didn’t last for long. So I started another one in selling accessories with my cousin. We would sell customized chokers and other trinkets in her school and my school. But then we both got busy in school and we’re too far from each other so it did not worked as well.

FB_IMG_1498229854807Mikka and I first bazaar in her school

After I graduated in 2015, I immediately got hired from my past internship. So I focused in my work and put my business career aside. I wasn’t happy. I am grateful for the job, of course, but I wasn’t happy. 😞 I remember going to work every morning unmotivated. I have no idea what I was doing. I even cried in the shower once during one of our events. So then a year later I quit. I continued in making trinkets and posting them online. It wasn’t much to cover my expenses. Luckily my partner’s mom encouraged me to pursue my business career and helped me in starting one. It wasn’t easy at first. But nothing worth it comes easy, right?

The two things I am really interested in, mix and matching clothes and business, I couldn’t be happier! 😀

IMG_1015People’s Television Studio with Miss Karla Paderna

I remember one of my supplier gave me an advice that I should have something to balance out my merchandise. So, I kept on making trinkets.


This feature on PTV channel 4 is such a blessing to me because I want to inspire others too. That we should never give up on what we love the most. If you work hard enough for it, heaven knows that it is FOR YOU! That’s my motto. 😉

quotes for blog

So if there’s something that makes you happy and you love to do it, go for it! It might be scary and risky at first but it will all be worth it. Trust me. 💗

Link to PTV: Bagong Pilipinas #FAB: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1563147973757014&id=429466183791871

Link to my Moneywise TV interview last May: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=330083100742020&id=263830630700601


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