My first love ❤

I remember when I was younger
I used to “kutkot kili” you to sleep.
It’s when I play with the hair of your armpit
As I fall asleep beside you.

I remember when you worked as a lights man before.
You go to work when it’s still dark and go home when the sun is rising.
I would hug your pillow and miss you so much!
It made me cry. 😭

I remember every morning you wake me up for school.
You would call me a lot of nicknames until I get up.
7 eleven’s BIG Bite on the breakfast table for me and kuya.
And then you would walk me to school.

I remember how every lunch time you would bring my baon to school.
My favorite is the longganisa you always bring me.
And it makes me sad to remember when I dont eat my baon because I don’t like the ulam. 😞
I’m sorry!

I remember when the skateshoes were a big trend in my school and I wanted to get one too.
But you and mama said it’s too dangerous but I wanted it anyways so I threw tantrums and skipped lunch because I wanted it so bad!
One day, mama and I picked you up from work in cubao… We ended up buying the skateshoes.

I remember on my 9th birthday, you picked me up from school and I was expecting some surprise but there wasn’t.
I think we were on budget then but I didn’t understand so I threw some more tantrums and cried myself to sleep.
When I woke up there was a present waiting for me.
It was the lion slippers I’ve wanted so much! And donuts too! 😀

I remember when you cook spaghetti and I eat so much!
It’s my favorite!
And your Adobo, Beef Steak, Paa ng Manok, Sinigang na Baboy.
You are the greatest cook, papa! 😋

I remember you always served me lugaw everytime I go home from school.
With egg and puso!
Then I would crush some Fita biscuits into it.
The best meryenda ever!

And now, I stop and always remember that you, Papa Nonoy, is my first love. 💖
You have loved me with all your heart and I love you too with all my heart!
Thank you for everything you and Mama Love have sacrificed and done for me. I could not ask for more. You are my inspiration in working hard and getting to my dreams. You are my guardian angel and my hero! I pray that God would give you longer life so you can enjoy it more. Happy father’s day to my one only Papa. 💕

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Silly photo of you 😂 | Davao 2016

FB_IMG_1497293554779Lechon King! | Christmas 2015


Preacher. | V. Mapa Church 2014


Oops! 😂 Broken front teeth | Driving to Dapitan 2016


My beautiful parents 💕 | Ate Ela’s Wedding 2017


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